About Pamela

Everything You Want is on the Other side of Your FEAR!


I'm a girl born and raised in the inner city of Chicago. My mom and dad separated when I was young, and later divorced. So, it was all on mom. She worked hard to give my three brothers and me the best she could, but times were hard, but there were many good times. My mom introduced me to spirituality when I was 16.


I grew up without some of the luxuries that others had and often compared myself with my cousins and classmates. Classmates because most had two family homes and were more affluent. Cousins because family members made me feel less than. I didn't realize that affected me until I was much older, as it showed up in lack of confidence, fear, low self-esteem. Although, if you knew me, you would never have guessed it. I was an impostor! Anyone know what I'm talking about?

Later, I moved from Chicago to Dallas, from Dallas to Northern Virginia. Been married, now divorced (that's a whole epic of a story). I am now living a happy single life, while building my life purpose business! No, it ain't easy, but it is a wonderful journey!


I've studied spiritually for over 40 years, and this has been my guiding light and saving grace. God, Allah, Tao, Buddha, Universe, Infinite One is what picks me up, keeps a smile on my face, and reminds me that I am a powerful creator. That what I believe I achieve. I believe I can achieve anything I put my mind to, as long as "I am positive, Inspired, and In Action"! My purpose in life is to inspire and help people live the life of their dreams! 

Remembering My Power, Purpose & Passion...

Although my career has thrived, is not my life's purpose. I'd mastered living a little, playing the game of looking good, riding good, making good money, but still playing small. Remember, I was living as an impostor. My journey was filled with bad choices, heartache, financial disappointments, trauma, abuse. I spent years waiting for others to save me, while living in the shadows of the stories I'd been telling herself.


One day I realized I had to stop! Stop feeling unworthy and being afraid of what others would think. I asked myself, Who am I? What do you want? Why? Is this your vision of your life?  What's stopping you? I pulled out my journal and decided to write until I felt I had the answers. Till I knew I had the answers.


I decided to get out of my own way. Stop being in my head. Stop accepting less than. Stop allowing old beliefs into my new life. I got to work on me. I employed a coach, or several coaches. I earned some coaching certifications. I began to trust my intuition, be intentional and live now! You know, practice what I preach.


Ya'll change, real transformational change takes courage, time and work! Each step I took built my confidence and ability to create. Everyday I learn so much from coaching and teaching and I'm am great at weeding out the 'Impostor". 


"I have a purpose. I will not die with my purpose still in me.

Wishing is for dreamers.  I'm on an adventure!"


Consciously Creating...

My ability or superpower is helping people see themselves, and what they can do to be successful in business and in life. I help you see past the stories you tell yourself and anyone who'll listen. I help you create a plan to move into success.


"I started Pamela Sharpe Coaching & Consulting, to prove to me that "God don't make no mistakes!" 


My mission is to help 1 million people transform. To help people move past old self-defeating, self-deprecating, and self-limiting beliefs into clarity, confidence, courage and success in their business and personal lives.


I coach high-achieving professional breakthrough the emotional and mental beliefs that have kept them playing small. Beliefs that keep them from being successful in business and in life, and making more money! You do want to be successful and make more money, don't you?

Want to learn at least one thing that has been keeping you from showing up, being successful, and making more money?

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I earned a Bachelor’s degree in Information Technology from The Catholic University of America and a Master’s degree in Instructional Technology from George Mason University. I am the proud mother of three adult children & two grandchildren, who have been unsuspecting clients, helping me perfect my listening skills, BS detection skills, and intuition. 

"I have the superpower of being able to spot "BS" when I hear and feel it." 

“You are a child of God! Your playing small does not serve you or the world.”

Pamela Sharpe