Just Do It, Dammit!

It's been over 30 years since I decided to start a business. 30 damn years! I'm finally getting over my Impostor Syndrome enough to move forward. Getting over my stupid ego! WTF is Impostor Syndrome. Well, for me it's my inability to stay out of my damn head and show up full force for "ME"! Every time I get started, I stop. I've paid out so much money for courses that I didn't finish or that were so f**** boring I stopped reading the content, because it was torture! There should be a law to stop fakers from defrauding us with crap. I could have used that money to purchase a home and still have some money left over.

I'd get started and stop because I saw someone else who I thought was better, knew more, smarter, savvier...whatever! I talked myself out of being a CPA, going to law school, being a real estate agent and so many other things. DON'T JUDGE ME! I know some of you out there are dealing with the same thing. This being in my head sh** has got to stop and stop now!

So What You Are Smart

Look, I know I am smart, good looking, can put together some sentences, can coach my ass off and speak just as well. I am a gifted motivator, creative, good mother and daughter. My life passion is coaching and motivating others. I can do it in my sleep and I have years of coaching, training and mentoring experience. That didn't mean a thing, when I kept sabotaging myself! So, two years ago, I just jumped. I literally had to fight with myself to keep pushing past the fear, judgement and self criticism. Getting an education was the easy part. Working for someone else in your career is easy. You work, are successful, because you are doing the "JOB". But it's just a job, not an adventure. Stepping up and out for yourself is an adventure! It takes courage to be seen, heard and judged by others. But what else should you do, keep working for others and be unhappy? Continue wanting more. Hell no, I had to do it for "ME".

No Control

Life can be a tricky thing. When you are a child you don't have the power to discern whether the person telling you something is so screwed up, that you shouldn't take it on face value. By the time you are 10, you've picked up a lot of messed up signals from adults that have shaped your perception of "YOU"! If the adult who were your role models had a messed up view of life, I can guarantee, you got some of that messed of stuff inside you! I mean really, what could you have done to prevent it. Nothing!

Take Your Power Back

Now, you are an adult and it's time to clean that bullcrap out of your head, so that you can begin living the life that you were truly meant to live. A life full of confidence, love, peace, success, accomplishment, and abundance. Not doubt, drama, chaos, sickness, disease and mediocrity. If that's what you want out of life, then have with it, and stop reading, NOW! It's your choice. Yep! Your life, your choice! This blog is not about being mediocre, it's about living the life of your dreams. Being your authentic self. Loving yourself and being unapologetic while doing it. To hell with what others think about you, your vision, your goals, or your life. If you want to run around in pink shoes while singing Purple Rain, and holding one of those little ass dogs, then do it and be unapologetic. Just be you, love being you, be happy and be fierce! Thanks

About Pamela

I'm Pamela G. Sharpe, Business and Life Coach, specializing in Impostor Eradication. I help you find the confidence to be more successful in life and in business. I help you to breakthrough the patterns, habits and beliefs that have been holding you back from living the life of your dreams. I can be reached at pam@pamelasharpe.com. My signature coaching program is "Stop the BS and Take Your Power Back!"

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