Be Your Own Damn Hero!

At some time during our life, we’ve all wanted to be a part of something. This is a normal emotion, and is good or bad, depending on how deep it effects your life. If you want to be a part of something that promotes the well-being of yourself or others, and offers you something in return for your time, money, advice, etc., it is a good thing. But needing to be a part of something in order to feel good about yourself is deeper. When you want something, if you don't get it, it doesn't make you feel bad about yourself. It just makes you feel a little disappointed for a while, but you get over it. When I bought my "neused" car, I wanted a Bently Continental GT Convertible, metallic Breeze in color, with a tan and black interior. I got a Lexus ES350. I was a little sad, I didn't get the Bently, but I am so grateful that I was able to get a nice luxury car that I could afford. Do I still want the Bently? Heck Yeah! I know that if I keep my eye on the prize, working towards my goals, staying positive, increasing my income and taking advantage of opportunities that I create I will have that Bently in a few years or less.

I've spent years looking for people to start businesses with, and partner on opportunities. I felt like I needed someone else to help me in a business. I didn’t want to do it by myself. I needed a partner. Why? Because deep down in my subconscious I was afraid to do it alone. Where did that fear come from? Probably, from something I experienced as a child. It may not have been my experience, it could have been a family members, or a friends experience, but I internalized it and it became a hidden belief that has been holding me back from being the very best "ME" I can be. It's been holding me back from being my own HERO!

Now, I know that I don't need anyone else to be a part of my business. I can do it alone. It's nice to have other people involved in projects, but what's nicer is when you know you can do it yourself. It’s time to stop believing you can’t do it, that you need help. You are your own help. You are your own hero! Get out of your head and "Just Do It"! Take the first step and God, Spirit, Allah, etc., will do the rest. The Universe loves action. One of my favorite quotes is, “Faith Without Work is Dead”. When you get into action, things begin to work for you. You must stay positive and keep on pushing no matter what happens. Throw yourself into it and start. Start small, but start. It’s time to start being your own Super Hero!

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I'm Pamela G. Sharpe, Business and Life Coach, specializing in Impostor Eradication. I help you find the confidence to be more successful in life and in business. I help you to breakthrough the patterns, habits and beliefs that have been holding you back from living the life of your dreams. I can be reached at My signature coaching program is "Stop the BS and Take Your Power Back!"

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