Five Steps To Clarity and Focus

“As You Think So Shall You Be”

As a business and life coach, motivational speaker, and trainer. I work with business woman to help them build the confidence to go from fear and frustration to success. My coaching program," Perfectly You Celebrate You" is all about achieving your goals through Clarity and Accountability.

This post is about CLARITY. Why you must set clear objectives for your life for desired outcomes.

In my roles as a speaker, trainer, business woman and lifelong learner, woman, and mother, I know I must always have clear objectives. I must have a desired outcome. So, do you. Every day and in everything you do, you have objectives. Say for instance, when you wash your face, brush your teeth, go to the gym, go to the store, etc. All have clear objectives.

Getting clear on your objectives is one of the steps that leads to manifesting the life of your dreams. You must get clear, so your mind: your subconscious and conscious mind are in agreement! Your subconscious mind must believe that you deserve the best. It must believe you deserve what you are focused on. It must believe that you deserve abundance, prosperity, health, success and even LOVE. Now!

You must be clear because your subconscious mind, which represents your ego is impressed with doubts as to your ability to achieve your goals, and these doubts must be removed. Why??? So, you can manifest your desired outcomes! Doubt, lack of focus and clarity are the killers of dreams. The procrastinators of achievement. When you are unclear your ego will give you reasons to stay in the status quo. Here are five steps to achieving clarity.

Five Steps to Clarity

  1. KNOW What You Want – ask yourself, “What Are My Expectations for My Life? What do I want? When I look back who do I want to be? When I look back, what do I want to be my legacy?” Take your time be clear and honest – dream big! Remember it’s your life and only you have the power to make it the way you desire it. Don’t think about what others my think. This is between you and you! This is your story!

  2. Decide What You Want - and begin to train your mind to ONLY think about what you want. STOP thinking about things and situations you do not want (drama, lack, fear, sickness, limitation). Stop saying negative things about and to yourself. Stop judging and envying. period! Flip the Script and train yourself to think more positive, loving thoughts. Think about accomplishment, love, health, beauty, abundance, prosperity, and success.

  3. Get Clear on Your Outcomes – when you are clear on your outcomes, you know what you are shooting for and you are not easily swayed by others. Make your objectives clear - not I want to be rich – I am rich, I am abundant, I am powerful, I have more money than I ever need..., I travel to exotic places, I am a successful… Attach due dates to your goals and work to meet them. Commit to yourself!

  4. Feel It Already AccomplishedAct as If you are already living the life you desire. Stop being cheap with yourself. Stop thinking poverty thoughts. Begin to Visualize It, feel it, taste it, smell it, see it in your mind EVERYDAY. Each day spend a minimum of five (5) minutes visualizing the outcome you desire. Imagine your new story. Create the screenplay in your head. Visualize and direct your movie!

  5. Lastly, Let Go and take Unapologetic, Positive, Inspired ACTION towards your Dreams – every day at all times – Be about your outcomes. Do something everyday that takes you closer to your dreams. Be Inspired, Inspire Yourself! By doing something no matter how small, a phone call, a note, research, talk to someone, network, create a website, business cards, letter head, a blog, a Facebook page, sign up for LinkedIn, Pinterest, Twitter, begin yoga, running, stretching, eating right, laugh more, smile more, forgive, meditate, pray, join a group, Ask for Help. Do something. When you do something, you will feel inspired to do more, you will want to do more. You will feel good about yourself and want to feel that feeling often. Just Take ACTION!

Next, on a sheet of paper answer this question:

Who am I blaming for my issues or problems?

Really think about this question, be honest even if it makes you uncomfortable or is painful.

Now for the fun part – Write your story:

Write a letter to your 85-year-old self. In it tell about your wonderful life, the journey you took, the legacy that you have left, and the impact that you’ve had. It's your story, write it!

Remember, "Clarity Leads to Success!" Thank you.

“Above all else, guard your heart, for everything you do flows from it.”

Proverbs 4:23

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