Stop Judging Me!

Everyone judges. It has become a habit, a way of life, something so easy and blended in to the way most of think & live. But, judging is harmful to you. It keeps you from being in alignment with your highest self and highest good. Each and every time you judge, you break the positive energetic bonds you have with Spirit (God, Universe, Allah, the Infinite, etc.). Unbeknownst to you, you have sinned against yourself. Remember the saying, “Do unto to others as you would have them do unto you.” Matthew 7:12 and this passage: “For with whatever judgment you judge, you will be judged; and with whatever measure you measure, it will be measured to you.” Matthew 7:2. Similar right? Yes, they are both known as the “Golden Rule” and judging is a part of the rule.

Judging is not loving. Judging is not kind. Judging is not compassionate. Judging is not cool. Most of all judging doesn’t really make you feel good. Think about it. How do you really feel when you are judging? There is no love in judging, even when you say, I'm saying this with love, I'm just keeping it real, or I'm coming from a place of love. You know the type of judging that I'm talking about. The type that is basically an attack or put down of some kind. It's an attack on someone’s looks, actions, character, family, cloths, hair, partner, identity, etc. This includes attacks on yourself. Yes, we do it to ourselves!

I have a big butt, always have had a nice, high, round ass. As a child, I was always teased about it. At school, in the neighborhood, by family and friends. People never thought about how it made me feel. Imagine being 5, 9, 12 & 16 and hearing people talk about you or not really you, your booty! For a long time, I judged my booty and compared it to others and wished it was smaller. Now, I look at my butt and say, girl you got a nice ass! We always judge our looks, actions, non-actions, fears, etc. Criticizing, condemning, and looking down on others or yourself is judging.

The judging stuff has got to stop!! Why? So, you can start living your life more purposefully. So, that you can stay in alignment with your Source. So, that you can live for you and let others live their lives. So that you can be happy! So, that we can finally begin to be living an unapologetic life! So, you can stop feeling guilty. So, you can start to progress, prosper, and live an abundant life. So, you can begin letting go of whatever you’ve been holding on to (you know the story you've been telling yourself) and begin loving ourselves fiercely!

Every negative thought takes you out of alignment. Those daggers you are throwing are boomeranging back to you. You judge because you are out of alignment with your truth. You judge because you are hurting. “Hurt people hurt people.” Hurt people also hurt themselves. You don’t even realize the damage and self-sabotage, because you are so out of alignment with your true self. You’ve been hurting, and out of alignment so long, you don’t realize your own pain. Or you do and just ignore it.

When you are out of alignment, things happen that you may not want to happen. You wonder why they happen and here's the reason. Like attracts like. Your negative thoughts send out negative energy, which attracted negative energy to you. Plain and simple. That energy returns in the form of people, debt, hurt, pain, illness, bad luck, ugly behavior, accidents, ill health, loss, and all kinds of bad stuff. Look back at your life and what do you find! Go on, think about it, reminisce.

Don't believe me? That's ok, begin to experiment with a day of no judgement. You will find, that “when you practice being positive in word, action, thought, deed and feeling, you will experience positive things happening in your life.” You will be more productive. You will look at life more optimistically. When you look at life differently, you will begin to feel and act differently. You will want to do things differently. You will want to surround yourself with people who encourage and inspire you. You will want to be around people who take inspired action, and who are positive. You'll want more out of life. You’ll begin to have a better life, because you’ll begin to see life through a different mindset. I said it better! More abundant, joyful, happy, focused and peaceful! It's impossible for positive things not to happen when you are being positive in word, action, feeling, and deed. The way you look at life, is what you will get in life. I believe, “life gives you what you believe you deserve.” What do you believe?

Let’s end 2018 with a new outlook on life. New habits, beliefs and perceptions. Let’s live 2019 fiercely aware of how magnificent we are! Take Inspired Action toward your dreams! Begin seeing only the beauty in people, the world, and ourselves. You were created from awesomeness and love. You are awesome! It’s time to shed hurt and fear and begin to lead with AWESOMENESS and LOVE!


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