Government Shutdown or Showdown?

Is this the America we all want? Where people sit in high places, with no financial worries and destroy the lives of others? Where men are no longer exemplifying brave or courageous, but the rich against the well, not rich? Where people are more concerned about their prejudices than human welfare? Where you can lose your job…but not really?

Day 24 of the “government shutdown” or should I say, showdown. This is all a show. The presidential reality show. Chaos and confusion displayed at the highest levels of government. Is this what the United States has become? Is this honorable? Why are the American people being held hostage over a campaign promise? Or was it a inflammatory lie. Political rhetoric to get people riled up. To gain votes. To push an agenda of us against them. Anyway, I digress. A promise was made, that had nothing to do with the American taxpayer. This whole situation is based on a lie. A big egregious lie, and now the politicians, are trying to make it seem like the lie was never told. Stick with the truth! American people are suffering. Is this the american way? Welcome, to the new United States of America.

How did we, the American people allow politics to get so wrong? Is it our empathy? Have we been just sitting on the sidelines watching this show, being entertained, commenting but not being involved? The elected officials, the congress and senate have been a total failure. Some of these people have been in office 20 years too long. WHY??? Old ass men and women, with nothing else to do but have temper tantrums and power plays. Their failure to get anything done is a sign that it is time to get their asses out of office. Cronyism be damned. They’ve made this country a laughing stock. Make America great! WTF!!!!

Right now, this country is the opposite of being great. When 800,000 Americans can be laid off indefinitely because of a lie and now a temper tantrum. Remember the lie, “Mexico will be paying for and building the wall.” This was said with such power and authority, over and over. Why are my tax dollars being held hostage to this lie?? Why are Federal workers being held accountable for Mr. Trumps lie? The lie was over the top when it was told and now the American people have to pay for the lie! This madness has got to stop! Mr. Trump, take a deal and work with the system. It’s not all or nothing, this is not Trump, Inc. This is the United States of America. You are not the dictator of this country. Stop this temper tantrum, chaos and misdirection, now!

Oh, I’m sorry, strike temper tantrum, it’s chaos, misdirection, fear of being caught, cronyism, us against them, laziness, incompetence, selling out, narcissism, cowardice, and worse of all failure to serve the american people! Did I leave anything out? Probably, but I’m not a politician, who has the pleasure of ruining lives, sitting on my ass and doing nothing, and getting paid.

Since, I can remember, people have wanted a good government job. Job security, they’d say. It represents job security. How secure is it now? Is this the America we want, where 800,000 people are reduced to applying for unemployment, food stamps and assistance from charities, because the politicians won’t do their jobs. The elected officials. There’s no right or wrong here.

Every year, they fall short. They do not do their job. They are always late. Late doing their job. On recess, vacation, travel, the radio and TV. Somewhere in backrooms making bad deals for the American public but good deals for them. All the while, not doing their job. If I took vacation before assuring that all of my task were complete, I’d be fired. If I did that every year, I would be unemployable. These jokers get to come back year after year, raise their salaries, put in 1/4 the amount necessary to get things done, spend our tax dollars, get expense accounts, benefits for life and play.

I am so tired of this reality show we call politics in America. In this reality show, the American tax dollars are thrown around to appease whatever wet dream the power broker is having at the moment. We, the American people, get to tune in every evening and watch. We watch and we do nothing. We allow these people to misuse the American tax dollar and we sit and we watch. The total and gross boldness with which it is done, boggles my mind. The total powerlessness that American citizens display is equally disturbing.

When did we become so passive, as to allow a bunch of self serving politicians the ability to entertain us everyday, with our own money? Tell me, has anything been done in the last 60 days that has been an appropriate use of our tax dollars, their time, or ours?

Yes, I am ranting, because I am so tired of these phony wanna be politicians. Politicians who have forgotten that they are in office as Public Servants. They took an oath to serve. They signed on the dotted line, swore on a bible. They knew that taking office is a JOB, and with every job you should do your best. One of the best things any politician can do is to remember that they are here to serve the American people. To be honorable, trustworthy and not SELL OUT THE PEOPLE. As a politician you are not in office for yourself, or your damn party or for a certain class of people. You are in office for THE PEOPLE. The best interest of all the people of the United States of America. But, it seems that here in America, it’s more about kissing ass, blaming the other party, keeping up appearances, wasting tax dollars, cronyism, pandering to lobbyist, big business, donors, and of course being in the spotlight versus SERVING THE AMERICAN PUBLIC. What about doing what’s right for the country as a whole?

Where did “WE THE PEOPLE” get lost? Is a wall the people? Does an over inflated promise negate the people? Are backroom deals the people? What about multiple TV appearances? What about spending billions on nothing? Yes, billions. The question that needs asking and answering is, How much is it going to cost the american tax payer to reimburse federal workers for not working? How much is it going to cost our economy? How much will it add to the deficit? How much is it costing the small businesses that rely on the government worker? How much is it costing federal workers who basically do not have a job? The cost is not only measured in dollars, it’s measured in trust, health and welfare. We the “People” are hurting, but all we get is rhetoric!

While the politicians get their paychecks, expense accounts, and the ability to pay their bills, “the people” have to scramble and negotiate with creditors, and hope they will extend a courtesy and allow us to defer payments until we are back at work and receiving a paycheck. Creditors are under no obligation to be generous and allow any to continue to live in their homes, not pay the mortgage, light, water, gas, cable and other bills. Tell me Mr. Trump, would you trade places with Federal workers? Can you even imagine having babies that need food? Having to decide between food, rent or gas for your car? Can you imagine having to apply for food stamps? Can you imagine believing your income was secure because you have a good secure government job, but now you have no income? Abandoned! You trust the politicians to do their job, because for years, faithfully, you have been doing yours.

Politics, should be about serving the people, doing what’s best for the people and the country, and negotiating the best deal for the people and the country, not self serving, hostage holding, separatism, cronyism and just plan old stupidity. Service to the people. Honor. Courage. Justice. Truth. Competence. All I see is a bunch of toddlers, throwing tantrums and pointing fingers. I am sickened by this mess and by all of these so called politicians. This is the worst display of public office that I’ve lived through as an adult. I feel sorry for the American people because we have allowed this gross misconduct to continue, year after year. Now look at what we have. Blatant disrespect! We deserve better!

What can we do to stop this from happening each year? Vote! Get involved. Wake up. Get rid of the slacker, cronies, power brokers, partisans, racist, and all those who have overstayed their welcome and become useless to really making America Greater.

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